Challenge 6

Some kids don’t like school because it’s not interesting or fun. so some things teachers could use to make classes more interesting and fun would be…

1. Fun games when your in a circle with the rest of the class and you have to do games that include facts that would be related to the topic/unit that your in.

2. Bill Nye the Science Guy. This is a movie and there are many different types that cover many different topics. They are interesting and are full of fun facts.

3. Monopoly is a fun math game to play

4. A fun things for gym would be a obsticle course

5. is a fun way to learn math. There are also fun ways to test your brain if you have psychology class.

6. is another site that covers many topics or units that you are studying or having tests.

7. is a great site that teaches different langauges, math problems, and more

As you can see there are many ways for teachers to make class more interesting. Your teachers may not know some of these things, so show your class mates and teachers all the fun you can have and can learn a lot at the same time.

Challenge 4-Activity Relating to Images



In all these photos theres trophies, ribbons and beautiful horses. These ribbons and trophies were won by horses and riders. This horse and rider are known as a team. It may only be two contestants working together but when a horse and rider work together it’s a team. These teams have to work together and get along very well. If this team does work together and does amazing then this team may go to a victory and win a ribbon or trophy. When this team wins the rider and horse are congradulated with a ribbon or trophy. Ribbons or trophies are a symbol of how much work, blood, sweat and tears that was put into this event that they participated in. If the team doesn’t work hard it’s not going to get them anywhere. Sometimes the team does their best and does amzaing but the judge doesn’t see that they have what it takes to be a champion then that judge has made a big mistake. But let me tell you one thing, if you go out there and do your best in what ever it is that you are doing and you put a lot of work into it you will become a true champion.


Challenge 10 – Evaluation

I hav 18 posts total, including this post.

8 posts were things i did on my own. (This includes pages and posts)

6 were posts assigned by the challenge

4 were assigned by the school


I recieved only 2 comments on my blogs and posts from people over seas. I recieved theses because they replied about how they liked my blog and posts. They say it is really cool and they like how i use a lot of colors. I thank them for telling me that because i like using colors and hearing that my blog and posts is cool too.


1. The posts i really liked making is the from challenge 1. The top 10 people I would like to meet dead or alive. It was fun to do and really made me think.

2. Challenge 5- Secrets. I liked this one because i tried to get very creative with this post and i felt good when i was writing it and when i was done.

3. Challenge 6- Digital Foot Prints. I liked this post because i really had to think about what i was going to write for this post. I even had to do some research.


I changed my blogs themes every now and then because i always like to mix it up


I have 13 widgets. I don’t know if i have to many or to little because at some moments i feel i have too little and visversa. but I’m always adding and deleting widgets.


I have 6 over seas on my blog role.


I asked my mom some questions and here is what she said.

1. What were your first impressions of this blog?

– She enjoyed the pictures and color

2. What captured your attention?

– All the horses

3. What distracted you on the blog?

– Lots of words

4. What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

– Correct spelling and add more pages


As you will see in the future i will correct and update my blog just as my mom suggested.







Challenge 6 – Digital footprints

Activity 2

Online strangers can learn a lot about you. They can learn your full name, where you live, what you look like, your adress, phone number, and who you are. If you were to google me online you probably wouldn’t find to much imformation because i don’t put a lot of stuff on the internet about me.

When i went on to google i didn’t find a lot of information about me, but i did find two pictures of me and my volleyball team and another one of me and my basketball team. I also found my adress and found pictures of my house and land. The picture was really old though. But i searched other photos and found newer ones.

I didn’t find to much information on myself, but i did find my parents. I found our address, where they work, their date of birth, my moms childhood last name, and i even found my dads own company.

As you see i didn’t find to much information but some people do put information online and that can be very dangerous to their friends, family and their own privacy and safety.

Challenge 5 – Secrets

There can be many things hidden in a forest. Maybe a rare species or something that someone lost. But there is something bigger than anything that could be lost in a forest and that thing is……………… A Secret. Dunn… Duuunnnn…. DDDDUUUUUNNNNN………..

Secrets can be very dangerous or can save someones life. It all depends on the situation. Secrets can be full of information. They can make someones day or can destroy happiness. Secrets can be very fragil and can be broken easily. Or they can be big and destructive. There are so many secrets. Some good and some bad. Secrets are made for keeping because if you or someone else tells a secret the consequences can be very unfavorable… Thats why secrets are hidden in a forest…….


Student Blogging Challenge Week 2

Last week i did the activity, 10 people i would like to meet. This week i am doing activity on other ideas for posts this week.

I can say things like “i like your blog” or “your blog really helped me. Thank you.” But if you dont like the blog dont comment on it, just leave it alone and don’t do anything with it. People always like it when someone likes there blogs or comments on it. They never like it when someone says they don’t like there blog. But people almost always like it if people give some suggestions on their blog.  


Student Blogging Challenge Week 1

This is the list of people i would want to meet dead or alive. The list goes as one as the best and ten as the not as much.

1. Penny Tweedy/ The owner of Secretariat

What was going through your mind before and after Secretariat ran on the Belmont track and won by 31 lengths?


2. Hunter Hayes

What inspired you to write the song “Wanted?”

3. George Washington

What was the worst part of the war you were in for you?

4. Abraham Lincoln

What did you admire most and least about your soldiers?

5. J. F. Kennedy

Would you back to the day of your death and not have gotten in that car and taken a safer way of getting to your destination?

6. My Great Uncle Ralph

How did you die? (He was in the Viatnam war)

7. Theodre Rosevelt

What was the hardest and easiest part about your job?


8. Martin Luther King Jr.

So many people were hurt trying to get their freedom. Would you have made any other strategies to not have as many people hurt?

9.Lebron James

What was your favorite dunk in your entire career?

10. The girls from the first All American Baseball team

When you first started out did you have any idea of what you were getting into? Did you have any regrets?

An Excellent Blog


i absolutly love this blog. there isn’t anything i dont like about it. it is an amazing cite and i totally recamend it to anyone.


i really like all the flags in the backround. i found a lot of good information as well.


i like this blog because he has cool information about hockey and i like his angry bird drawing.


i like this blog because i like all the colorful shoes and i really like the music video “True Colours.”


i like a lot of the music on this blog.

All those blogs were good but these ones i really like and made my top 5.

Exploring Website Ideas

The first site was www.studiodrizzle.comI found this site interesting because it has a cool picture that caught my eye. The picture was the one of a smiling cloud infront of a rainbow. It also is in Spanish. So i can kind of understand it and it is hard to read it, but it’s interesting to figure out what it means.

The next site that i found interesting was This site helps you with making cool designs, repares and improvements to your home, business, health, pets, events and a whole lot more. This site even helped me find some cool new stores to shop at. Mabybe it can help you too.