Challenge 6 – Digital footprints

Activity 2

Online strangers can learn a lot about you. They can learn your full name, where you live, what you look like, your adress, phone number, and who you are. If you were to google me online you probably wouldn’t find to much imformation because i don’t put a lot of stuff on the internet about me.

When i went on to google i didn’t find a lot of information about me, but i did find two pictures of me and my volleyball team and another one of me and my basketball team. I also found my adress and found pictures of my house and land. The picture was really old though. But i searched other photos and found newer ones.

I didn’t find to much information on myself, but i did find my parents. I found our address, where they work, their date of birth, my moms childhood last name, and i even found my dads own company.

As you see i didn’t find to much information but some people do put information online and that can be very dangerous to their friends, family and their own privacy and safety.

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