Challenge 10 – Evaluation

I hav 18 posts total, including this post.

8 posts were things i did on my own. (This includes pages and posts)

6 were posts assigned by the challenge

4 were assigned by the school


I recieved only 2 comments on my blogs and posts from people over seas. I recieved theses because they replied about how they liked my blog and posts. They say it is really cool and they like how i use a lot of colors. I thank them for telling me that because i like using colors and hearing that my blog and posts is cool too.


1. The posts i really liked making is the from challenge 1. The top 10 people I would like to meet dead or alive. It was fun to do and really made me think.

2. Challenge 5- Secrets. I liked this one because i tried to get very creative with this post and i felt good when i was writing it and when i was done.

3. Challenge 6- Digital Foot Prints. I liked this post because i really had to think about what i was going to write for this post. I even had to do some research.


I changed my blogs themes every now and then because i always like to mix it up


I have 13 widgets. I don’t know if i have to many or to little because at some moments i feel i have too little and visversa. but I’m always adding and deleting widgets.


I have 6 over seas on my blog role.


I asked my mom some questions and here is what she said.

1. What were your first impressions of this blog?

– She enjoyed the pictures and color

2. What captured your attention?

– All the horses

3. What distracted you on the blog?

– Lots of words

4. What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

– Correct spelling and add more pages


As you will see in the future i will correct and update my blog just as my mom suggested.







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