ASCC stands for the American Cancer Society. Do you know anyone with or has had Cancer? Maybe a friend or a family member? My grandpa had Skin cancer, my aunt had cancer and my grandma had Breast cancer, twice. Cancer is a very deadly thing.

– My society is The American Cancer Society
– The American Cancer Society has been working since 1913
– For nearly 100 years The American Cancer Society has worked relentlessly to save lives and create a world with less cancer
– The society raises money for cancer research, performs medical treatment, and saves lives
– In 1945, the ASCC was recognized as the American Cancer Society
– In 1946, people raised over four million dollars and invested approximately three point six million dollars in research
– The American Cancer Society also holds 46 future Nobel Prize winners
– Eight million people worldwide die from cancer each year
– Just in the U.S. alone one million people get cancer each year
– According to The American Cancer Society there are over 100 types of cancer. Such as Breast cancer, Lung cancer, and Skin cancer
– There are also new cancers developing every day

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